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Drone Photography

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We’re your best option for everything drone photography.

We've worked with big names producing high-quality content.

Two drones will be operated simultaneously on a photography shoot to ensure the client has a vast collage to choose from.

We take care of all permissions; we provide risk assessments and a consistent "customer journey" for all operations. If you have a drone photography shoot and looking for experienced operators, get in touch.

A recent project for 84youth The founder, Akemia wanted to document Mosside

Worked with WeLoveMCR charity to help raise money for Stronger Communities Fund and Manchester’s Rising Stars Fund- totalling £41,000, contributing to helping disadvantaged Mancunian youths - find here —->

Worked with LOFT to celebrate their 20th-anniversary getting 5.1k videos of the following...


Didsbury Point, West Didsbury, 152 homes furnished by LOFT.  

  • St George's Island, Hulme, 424 homes furnished by LOFT. 

  • One Regent, Salford, 301 homes furnished by LOFT.  

  • The Depot, Moss Side, 200 homes furnished by LOFT.  

  • Anaconda Cut, Salford, 349 homes furnished b LOFT.  

  • Affinity Riverside, Salford, 188 homes furnished by LOFT.  

  • The Trilogy, Hulme, 232 homes furnished by LOFT.  

  • Duet, Salford Quays, 152 homes furnished LOFT. 

  • Local Blackfriars, Salford, 380 homes furnished by LOFT.  

  • Chapel Wharf, Salford, 900 homes furnished by LOFT.  

  • The Filaments, Salford, 376 homes furnished by LOFT.  

  • Oxygen, Piccadilly Basin, 361 homes furnished by LOFT.

Visit on LOFT website 

Worked with LOFT on their “Planet fist people”  to help move closer to their goal of “net zero emissions”

Why Ashadu Photography?

● Experienced and established for 3 years

● Fully insured operators

● UK Based

 ● Insured with Public Liability Insurance

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